It’s possible I had the best day ever.

Good thing, the first: I took Henrietta to a little class at Michael’s where she made this magnificent flamingo. Isn’t she magnificent?!

Good thing, the second: I checked the mail just before we left on a family outing to Montgomery and a copy of my book was in it! I rushed us all back inside so I could open it. And then I totally did a little dance. Ahh! So cool to hold it in my hands.

Good thing, the third: our outing included a visit to the Montgomery Museum of Art. There was an AMAZING exhibit up by Jacqueline Bishop. Birds were involved! And small canvas. And painted children’s dresses. It just made me happy.

And then, of course, Henrietta and I had to dance in our favorite part of the children’s section. Here’s one of her sweet moves!

When we arrived back home, Henrietta grabbed my book from the backseat and said? “Here’s They Thought it Was a Bellybutton.” And that alternate title just cracked me right up. Ha!

You see how maybe, perhaps, it was the best day?? It was a lovely one, at any rate. I hope yours was lovely too.

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